The Frugal Start of the Legal Start-Up

There have been several instances in which I have considered going solo.  The first was after passing the bar exam in 2008.  I could not find any legal work in this area.  In fact, the only job I was offered out of everything I applied for was making $7.25 doing part-time cashier work at a grocery store. Needless to say, that was not going to cover the $168K in student loan debt I stupidly accrued in 7 years of schooling.  So, I started to get my ducks in a row to go solo, (while working at the grocery store) as it was really my only option- like so many others in 2008.  And then I received an offer to work in California.  I came back to Wisconsin after 4 months.  It just was not the right fit.  I then fell into my current position by mere chance.

There have been several times since taking this position that I have considered going solo.  However, this is the most serious I have become.  To keep me on track with seeing it through I have decided to journal about my experience.  I figure it will keep me on task with doing the necessary research, market analysis, business planning, and number crunching.  It will force me to read up on other legal practice/solo/marketing blogs, so that I will have things to discuss with you, my audience.  And well, if my audience ends up just being me, then at least I know my audience is fully engaged in nonsensical spewing of information. 😉

So, in 2015 I resolve to take the bull by the horns and make my own opportunities.  And while the grass is certainly no greener on that side of the pasture (solo) than it is now (in-house), it will lack green for different reasons.  I know I am really turning in one set of problems and gripes for a whole different set. However, I would like to think that I am ready for those problems.  I am not going into this as the 100% solution to such problems, but instead as the adventure I’ve been missing out on.  And what an adventure it will surely be, when you throw in the fact that I am doing this frugally…


I know, it is going to be an interesting year of saving and rethinking how one practices law in this new crazy world of self-help desks, legalzoom, and nolo books.  Innovation or bust!

Cheers & Happy New Year!


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